HK™ Brand Factors Audit?

If you want revenue, then you need sales.  In order to get sales, you need leads.  And if you need leads, then you'll require a process to successfully nurture those leads thru your marketing and sales funnel.  But if you don't structure your message properly, then your precious marketing dollars will be used to sharpen Google and Facebook's meat-grinder... instead of stuffing your wallet.  So I designed a simple—yet powerful—marketing audit.  It helps business owners build a bulletproof marketing message that can be used to profitably promote any Ad campaign or brand.  I call it the HK™ Brand Factors Audit.  In fact, I've used this exact process to structure my message and affordably compete for top clicks in the hyper-competitive Google PPC auction—against the likes of Zillow, Redfin and other strong national and local competitors.  Here's a sneak peek of why it works.  Read on.

Hands down, your target audience and offer are king and queen of any marketing campaign.  But without a USP, your offer is dead on arrival.  What is a USP?  It stands for unique selling proposition; also referred to as a value proposition.  And there's a subtle, yet repeatable method on how to craft your offer's USP.  The HK™ Brand Factors Audit is specifically designed to hammer this in tight.  Plus, it's infinitely more usable than any business plan.  And at fractions the cost.  A business plan is inept when it comes to launching a profitable Ad message.  Not only that, business plans cost several thousands of dollars and weeks to draft.  And when you're done writing a big bloated business plan, you still won't have a foundational message that can be used on your website nor in your ads.  So, after you squander weeks writing an overpriced business plan, you still don't have a marketing message which can speak to your ideal customer.  That's like trying to fly thru the Bermuda Triangle with a broken compass.  On the flip-side, my value proposition HK™ Brand Factors audit is fractions the cost.  And it can be completed within 90-minutes... from there you'll be ready to instruct your team and write your banners, Facebook or Google Ads with clarity... and within the same day.

Imagine every passing moment where your Ad, your website content and offer fail to resonate with the same core USP message.  Not good.  It's literally time and money pissed (wasted!) away from getting to your end goal: generating more cost-effective sales.

With a full money back guarantee, you have nothing to risk and everything to gain.  The HK™ Brand Factors Audit is best for a new or even established business.  It allows you to quickly audit your core offer and craft it's unique selling proposition so you can build the foundational links to a winning Ad campaign.  If you plan to hire a writer, web designer or Ad agency, and you haven't completed this 90-minute exercise, then don't seem surprised when your marketing message feels bulky and unclear to your potential customer. It's akin to arguing with someone who speaks a foreign language.  Not only that, without this key marketing blueprint, members of your team may feel the frustration when attempting to write or design assets around an unclear USP.  This could cost you a lot of time, money and even embarrassment.  If you'd like to grow sales so you can take good care of those employees and people who love you most, then the first step is to invest in this low cost brand factors audit.  And within 90-minutes, we'll have the framework for your offer's message so well-architected that customers will have no choice but to take giant steps your way.  Here's how it works.

Scheduling is easy-peasy.  A computer or mobile device with an internet connection is all you'll need.  When you complete your secure digital payment here, you'll then be able to schedule your brand factors audit session immediately on the next page.  Likewise, you'll receive a 1-page worksheet so you can prepare for the meeting.  Prior to your scheduled meeting time, our system will email you a link so you can join the screen meeting from your computer.

Secure digital payment and schedule

Simply click the secure Add-To-Cart payment option below.  Our shopping cart runs on a super secure 256-bit encryption.  As soon as payment is digitally rendered, our secure system will send you to a confirmation page so you can schedule your consultation.  You'll then receive an email link so you can save the appointment to your calendar.

Prepare for your upcoming screen meeting

You'll also get instant access to a simple worksheet so you can have a clue of what to think about.  This one page worksheet has a few primer questions.  Questions carefully crafted by the world's most successful advertiser.  I dug thru the internet for years to find it.  It's like an x-ray machine designed to quickly scan your brain for those creative neurons so you can focus on answers that matter most, even if the kids are screaming in the background.

Join your scheduled online screen meeting

Your brand factors audit meeting will take place over the internet.  All you need is a computer with an internet connection.  No special software.

If you've reviewed the pre-meeting questions, then that will help your brain glide right into our discussion.  During your 90-minute consultation, we'll hone everything in: (a) your single most important offer, (b) your message, (c) your target audience, and (d) your unique selling proposition.

On the scheduled day and time of your internet meeting, you can simply click the link in your invitation email to start the live meeting.  I will be there.  Here's what we'll be doing together for those 90-minutes...

  • We'll start by listening to some of your answers to those pre-meeting questions, and get further insights about your strategy
  • Onward to the next step where we pinpoint your exact customer audience, so you can determine if further segmenting is needed
  • We'll get down to the nitty gritty and hone-in on your exact offer using a worksheet that helps clearly answer what you sell within a couple sentences
  • For quality assurance, pick your single best service or product because we will focus and fully complete the USP for your single best offer (only one offer)
  • The final step is we tie it all together by crafting a unique selling proposition (USP) message which will underpin everything you do moving forward

Security and convenience.  From start to finish we've got you covered.  Top notch shopping cart for safe payment.  And digital systems to make this entire consultation process a breeze.  I guarantee to save you time and money.

BONUS Deliverable

When you receive your purchase receipt, you'll also get a PDF summary attached: which explains artificial intelligence re-marketing.  You won't want to miss this bonus information.  I have exclusive partnerships with data providers in the artificial intelligence and identity resolution arena.  Therefore, I have first-hand experience in the proper—legally compliant—use of identity resolution marketing.  This bonus PDF will educate you on what's possible in the world of marketing today.  Truthfully, the information in this bonus PDF attachment alone is worth more than the price of your affordable brand audit.

DISCLAIMER: artificial intelligence will not be the focus of your HK™ Brand Factors Audit workshop.  If you're interested in identity resolution marketing services from us, then that's something we can discuss later.  I only offer Ai to select businesses who meet certain criteria.  And just know, artificial intelligence and identity resolution marketing is totally useless without a clear USP message.

Harry Kunelis DDS

Chief Information Officer

I guarantee to help your marketing message or your money back...

Candidly, you could complete this entire HK™ Brand Factors Audit by never leaving the comfort of your favorite chair.  Even while in your pajamas.  But don't mistaken this entry-level service as unimportant just because it's ridiculously convenient.  Because the end result of you looking over my shoulder while I complete this key business exercise on your behalf will pay-off (big!) future dividends.  I'm so confident with my microscopic audit, that if you're not pleased with what you gained, then at the end of our session simply tell me it was a dud, and I'll refund your money.  So now you have nothing to risk, and everything to gain.  Take this first key step to grow your sales and secure your team's future success.  Get your value proposition workshop started below.

HK™ Brand Factors Audit is a one-time fee
Satisfaction guaranteed price of $447