HK™ Full Service Marketing

What is In-Market targeting?  Simple.  It's the ability to target consumers who are actively pursuing the services that you sell.  It's not only people who have visited your website.  Instead, with in-market targeting, you get access to behavioral data which targets consumers who are researching a problem.  Naturally, it would be your product or service that solves their problem.  And you can compile data on these consumers before you ever place your first Ad.  A better way to describe this is: artificial intelligence marketing.  Actually, the industry calls it people based marketing.  If you're a real estate company, then perhaps this is for you.  HK™ Full-Service is a complete done-for-you marketing service perfect for real estate industry professionals.  Here's how it works.  First, we'll have a brief discovery call to determine if we're a good fit for your needs.  In other words, if we feel we can help you, then we can take the next step which is to conduct an HK™ Brand Factors Audit.  Once we both have a clear understanding of your message, offer, unique selling proposition (USP), budget and strategy, we'll then decide which HK Leads Suite full-service solution is best for you.

Either our Guaranteed Leads service, or perhaps a custom campaign.

Currently, we offer Guaranteed Leads for residential real estate and mortgage brokers.  Guaranteed Leads can be launched within three to five days, with little-to-no set-up cost.  Simple.  As for custom campaigns, we request a set-up fee to begin the onboard process.  Expect a custom campaign set-up process to take about three weeks (assuming you don't have a compliance division which must approve things).  Here's what we'll be doing behind the scenes during that onboard phase: build-out a conversion friendly leased funnel; create or collect any existing marketing collateral (like images or video) that you might have; request access to your Facebook and/or Google ad account; and prepare the first set of ads with tracking mechanisms.  Once we're ready to launch, we'll collect the first monthly retainer fee and initiate the ad campaign to the targeted in-market audience.

Fundamentally, HK™ Full Service is performing four main functions for you: (a) providing you with enterprise level artificial intelligence behavior data; (b) leasing you digital real estate separate from your website, (c) managing how your Ad budget gets allocated-invested for best ROI; and if necessary, (d) running multi-channel retargeting campaigns so you can convert cold traffic, as well as, maintain top of mind awareness with your existing customers.  Obviously, we can craft additional marketing collateral (eg. video) to use in ongoing retargeting as needed.  What we don't do?  We aren't in the business of handling your sale's calls or fulfillment for you.  That's your job.  Nevertheless, our primary goal is to get your ideal customer to consistently contact you—so you can increase profits and sleep easy knowing you can pay those employees who love you most.  Ask us a question today.

HK™ Full Service is a recurring monthly service
Pricing starts at $4,970/month