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How It Works

Imagine two buckets:

  1. those prospects who have already visited your site (aka, Site Visitor);
  2. those prospects who are actively pursuing a product or service you sell (aka, In-Market), but have not yet visited your site.

Bucket 1

Naturally, HK™ Site Visitor is ideal for brands or companies already running traffic to a website.  In a nutshell, site visitor identity resolution retargeting is for experienced sale's teams already investing in paid media.  To get started it's as easy as 1-2-3.  Step 1 is to upload our smart pixel "code snippet" into your website.  Step 2 is each week we'll upload a fresh file update into your desired Ad platform (eg, Facebook or Google, etc).  Step 3 is your team can go about its business and launch follow-up digital retargeting Ads with this data.  HK™ will be available to answer ongoing questions posed by your team, and consult on best use of the technology.  HK Site Visitor is for companies with an experienced in-house marketing team.

If you were to request additional pay-per-click Ad campaign management or backend retargeting channels—namely email—then those channels shall be run with our team.  For email, it's our policy and standard operating procedure that you run the email retarget thru us because of the intimate nature of the personally identifiable information within the site visitor file.  In plain english, we're not taking any chances with this highly sensitive information in multiple hands.

Bucket 2

These are prospects who are In-Market, searching for a service you sell, but who have not yet visited your website.  Customarily, this next level of audience targeting is included with our full-service agency offering.  Our full-service agency offering is ideal for real estate companies seeking a fully done-for-you marketing service (which includes landing page creation and optimization, PPC Ad creation and optimization and follow-up campaign optimization).  HK™ full-service even offers an exclusive Guaranteed Leads program for real estate and mortgage brokers.

If you're ready to get more qualified leads... grow your brand... and provide for those faithful employees who love you most, then let's see if we're the right fit.  Feel free to click here and schedule your free consultation call now.

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