What Is HK Site Visitor?

HK™ Site Visitor is a retargeting technology on steroids.  It's artificial intelligence.  What it allows you to do is to identify the people who are visiting your website.  There's a fancy name for this: it's called Identity Resolution.  Why is that important?  Simple.  It allows you to lower your cost per customer acquisition because it enables you to focus your multi-channel marketing efforts on the people who matter most: your website visitors.  In fact, a handful of billion dollar companies have already been doing this for a few years.  Now you have a rare opportunity to leverage enterprise level technology, at fractions the cost.  Here's how it works.  First, we place a smart pixel on your website.  As visitors arrive to your website, the smart pixel tags your site visitors.  But that's not all, the smart pixel pings back to a private database to identify who the actual person is.  It accomplishes this "match back" with a fairly high success rate.  Each week, a data file compiles your website's visitors.  Now here's where the story really gets good.  With this newly acquired website behavior, you can then run multi-channel (retargeting!) ads to those site visitors.  Both online and offline channels.  Which means you can send emails to your site visitors even though they've never submitted your form yet.  You can also take that information and upload it into Google, Facebook and YouTube, so you can re-market to your site visitors within those digital marketing channels as well.  You literally have complete control over how you follow-up with your site visitors.  Have you ever noticed how your Facebook audience is confined within Facebook?  It's in prison.  The same can be said with Google; you can't take your Google insights over to Facebook.  But with HK™ Site Visitor, you can take your audience and transport it from one platform to the other.  It's portable.  And all this happens without the website visitor ever entering any information.  Who is this technology best suited for?  Simple.  It's ideal for company's that are already investing in paid Ads and running traffic to the website.  If you're ready to put your remarketing plan on steroids, so you can get more qualified leads, lift profits and give your employees the security that they deserve, freely get in touch.  We'd be glad to hear from you.

HK™ Site Visitor is a recurring monthly service
Pricing starts at $947/month