Competition to win luxury real estate listings is fierce. Imagine a savvy seller signing a $2MM listing agreement with a real estate broker—and without even meeting the broker yet. This little article explains how to get listings in real estate without cold calling.

Signing on new clients is easy when they’re friend or family referrals.

But how does one go about turning a total stranger into a new real estate listing? Easier said than done, especially when it comes to high-end homes.

Here’s how I do it.

  1. Data targeting is what separates the A-players from the rest.
  2. Communication tool to handle the follow-up texts/calls after lead opts-in to the Facebook form or etc.
  3. Listing demo or presentation which can educate the consumer on local market data and which highlights your value proposition (aka, your differentiator on why they should hire you to sell their high-end home)

For now, let’s focus on Step 1: Data.

Naturally, this leads us to CoreLogic.

If you’ve been in real estate for a minute, then you’ve obviously heard of CoreLogic. They’re the leader in real estate home value data.

For luxury real estate, we’ll focus on two CoreLogic segments.

CoreLogic Data Luxury Real Estate Homeowners 1MM Picture

As you can see in my Facebook Ads manager here, as of this writing, there’s 750,000 matched USA users inside Facebook with home values of over $3,000,000. These numbers fluctuate.

For home values between $1MM – $3MM, Facebook has matched over seven million profiles in the USA, as of this writing.

From there you can geo-fence around your area. Since I’m in Chicago and I prefer to focus in select downtown Chicago zip-codes, I geo-fence a 15-mile radius around my core location.

CoreLogic Luxury Real Estate Data GEOFENCE Chicago 15-mile radius Trump Tower Chicago

Now your audience targeting is lined-up.

The only problem is that most of this data is offline. So you need a mechanism in which to onboard (sync!) the data feed so it auto-updates.

Otherwise, you’re stuck struggling to buy overpriced data files each year. Buying offline data lists is the old way—dinosaur method.

If you’re an A-player real estate broker looking to reach high-end home owners, we offer a much better and more affordable way to target these people—and digitally.

Here’s a new $2MM listing that just signed on yesterday.

Notice this lead came in October 30, 2020 in the evening. And our automated follow-up tool texted the lead after the lead filled our Facebook lead form.

HK Luxury Realty Convert Leads To Listings 1

This lead replied with their property address. After a couple texts and an initial phone call, we set a Zoom demo presentation to show the consumer how we will market their luxury home using digital Ads.

(yes I invest my own money running the digital Ad ops for seller’s home)

Here’s my follow-up text just a couple days after our Zoom demo—after the client signed their listing agreement. (Listing won)

HK Luxury Realty Data Convert Leads To Listings 2

Note: I have not even met the sellers yet. I will meet them November 7th.

And as of right now, we will market this property to high net-worth consumers without the use of the MLS and without the use of Zillow.

And to boot, we are now entering winter season in Chicago which is the worse time to sell, while in the middle of COVID-19 and post Chicago riots and looting. Notwithstanding the fact, the Chicago real estate market started to reverse in late 2019—absorption rate trend now favors buyers.

With all these marketing obstacles, what let’s me sleep easy at night?

Answer: our DATA targeting.

If you’re a real estate professional, how would you like to have access to this level of data?